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“My birth name is Victor-Hugo Vaca Jr. On stage, when I am performing with the Modern Art Music Movement, I am known as, The Maverick Artist Victor-Hugo. When I am manifesting creations in the multi-universe as a modern-art-gonzo-journalist, my job is not to be politically correct, it is to witness, observe, analyze and document so as to colorfully communicate the wisdom of ages, for seven generations forward. The point of my artwork, my Diary-Of-The-World-On-Canvas, is really, to make everyone think outside the box.”
– Maverick Artist Victor-Hugo Vaca II

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WHO’S WATCHING OUR JUDGES? – 9th Circuit Court, President Donald Trump, Barack Hussein Obama And Hillary Clinton Expose Enemies Of State To What The Silent Majority Of Hispanics And Blacks In America Have Known For Years; The United States Justice System Is Broken: How The Crackhead Jesus Trials, White Guilt, Judge Donald W. Hafele, Judge James Robart, Judge Richard R. Clifton, Judge William Canby And Judge Michelle T. Friedland Exposed Judge Shopping And Judicial Tyranny To The United Slaves Of America While Knowingly Exposing Every Man, Woman And Child In The U.S. To Threats Of Terrorist Attacks, By Improperly Vetted Refugees And Immigrants From Countries Where Sharia Law And Anarchy Rule.

On November 5, 2008 a painting was created by the Maverick Artist Victor-Hugo Vaca II that begged the question, “Who’s watching our Judges?” The work of modern-art-gonzo-journalism was inspired by Florida Case #50-2006-CC-016-579 dubbed, “The Crackhead Jesus Trials”, by weak mainstream…

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Let me be your guide, through my diary of the world on canvas.

Open your mind. Free your soul. Live. Love. Flow. Shine.