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“My birth name is Victor-Hugo Vaca Jr. On stage, when I am performing with the Modern Art Music Movement, I am known as, The Maverick Artist Victor-Hugo. When I am manifesting creations in the multi-universe as a modern-art-gonzo-journalist, my job is not to be politically correct, it is to witness, observe, analyze and document so as to colorfully communicate the wisdom of ages, for seven generations forward. The point of my artwork, my Diary-Of-The-World-On-Canvas, is really, to make everyone think outside the box.”
– Maverick Artist Victor-Hugo Vaca II

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Esclavos Unidos United Slaves of America

THE UNDECIDED MILLENNIAL VOTER SEES NEWS MEDIA COVERAGE, OF THE U.S. PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE, PAINTING DONALD TRUMP AS, “THE UNDERDOG”, AND LEANS TOWARDS VOTING AGAINST THE POLITICAL STATUS QUO, EMBODIED IN A WELL-REHEARSED, CAREFULLY-SCRIPTED, HOLLOW HILLARY AND BILL CLINTON PRESIDENCY: The Undecided Voter Weighs The Danger Of Having Two Bullies In The White House Versus Having One Bully As Commander In Chief, With An Immigrant First Lady, Who Is So Forthcoming, That Anatomically-Correct-Politically-Incorrect Nude-Photo’s Of Her Exist And Can Be Seen By Anyone, At Anytime, On The Worldwide Web.

The Undecided Voter realizes the question for those still trying to decide between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is: “Which Bully do you want in the White House, representing the best interest of you, your Children and seven generations forward…

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Let me be your guide, through my diary of the world on canvas.

Open your mind. Free your soul. Live. Love. Flow. Shine.