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“My birth name is Victor-Hugo Vaca Jr. On stage, when I am performing with the Modern Art Music Movement, I am known as, The Maverick Artist Victor-Hugo. When I am manifesting creations in the multi-universe as a modern-art-gonzo-journalist, my job is not to be politically correct, it is to witness, observe, analyze and document so as to colorfully communicate the wisdom of ages, for seven generations forward. The point of my artwork, my Diary-Of-The-World-On-Canvas, is really, to make everyone think outside the box.”
– Maverick Artist Victor-Hugo Vaca II

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Love Graffiti

BALLOON BOY EXPOSES FAKE NEWS, SUPPRESSES WARNINGS OF ATTACK ON 1st AMENDMENT AND LEADS TO LOVE GRAFFITI: How President Barack Hussein Obama And The Maverick Artist Victor-Hugo’s Mutual Admiration Of Rat Dog Manifested A Modern Art Music Movement.

On the day Balloon Boy exposed fake U.S. news , for what it is worth, I was interviewed by a CBS New York reporter, for a segment on the CBS Evening News, questioning why police issued me a citation for…

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Happy Easter Merry Christmas Santa Clause

HAPPY EASTER: Modern-Art-Gonzo-Journalism, Vintage Series, ‘Christmas Card’, Lampoons Santa Clause And Coca-Cola As Plantation Capitalism Marketing Icons, In A New World Order Consumed With Fake News, Gender-Fluid Millennials, Voter Fraud And 9/11 Conspiracy Theorists.

Girl meets boy who used to be a girl but is not gay or bisexual. Girl becomes boy and falls in love with boy who used to be a girl but is not gay or bisexual. The two boys marry at…

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Let me be your guide, through my diary of the world on canvas.

Open your mind. Free your soul. Live. Love. Flow. Shine.