Emancipate Yourself From Legal Slavery.” By Victor-Hugo Vaca II

  • Size: 24 x 30
  • Date: July 7, 2007
  • Medium: Oil, acrylic and graffiti markers on vintage poster collage.


Modern Art Music Movement

As seen in the news and in the award-winning motion picture, “The Last Hit”, this work of art was manifested in front of a live audience at the Modern Art Music Movement™ “Live Earth 7-7-7 MAMM Jam” at Grass, in Wynwood, Florida.  The largest official South Florida Earth Day event, featured seven artists and seven Dj’s MAMM Jamming in the Miami Arts District, to raise awareness about living peacefully in an eco-friendly world.

The following article by Christopher Simmons was published July 1, 2007 in “Musewire“, the arts, culture, music and lifestyle magazine.

Modern Art Music Movement – Live Earth as a Living Breathing Work of Modern Art

NEW YORK, N.Y. — Dark horse U.S. presidential candidate and controversial modern artist, Victor-Hugo Vaca Jr., sees Live Earth as a living breathing work of Modern Art. How can the world participate in the largest self-destructing Modern Art Project ever created? By passing along a simple message and asking friends and contacts to pass it forward people can create and participate in a peaceful human work of improvisational Pop Art better known as a “Happening.” Your participation can create a chain of events which may link the founder of the internet with the Founder of the Modern Art Music Movement (MAMM).

This butterfly effect could cause popular, but unregistered, presidential candidates Al Gore and Victor-Hugo to be on stage together introducing Duran Duran at the 07-07-07 Live Earth Concert.

Al Gore is registered Democrat and Victor-Hugo is registered Republican, but both men are putting their political views aside to help raise awareness about Mother Earth’s climate and the human condition in Darfur.

Together, the Latino dark horse U.S. Presidential candidate and the former Vice President are attempting to create an unprecedented work of art on a massive global scale the likes of which humankind has never seen.

In 1959, American artist Red Grooms role-acted a pyromaniac escaping from a police officer trying to apprehend him in an old boxing gym. At the finale of the performance, Grooms dove into the arms of stunned onlookers who suddenly realized that they had become a participating audience, rather than a passive one.

MAMM representatives are contacting The Guinness Book of World Records to see if the Live Earth Day MAMM Happening can be recorded as the World’s Largest Modern Art Piece. The Live Earth Happening has already begun and will begin to self destruct on 07-07-07 in Sydney, Australia.

By passing along the following message, and asking contacts to pass it forward, participants will create a peaceful human communication chain using face-to-face interaction or modern technology like Apple’s iPhone, text messaging cell phones, or e-mail. “By doing this, you will have eliminated the gap between art and viewer otherwise known as actor and audience,” Victor-Hugo says, adding: “Enjoy making history. Pass it on.”

The Modern Art Music Movement will be performing Live Earth Day Happenings as Friends of Live Earth throughout the world on Live Earth Day 07-07-07.


The painting was also seen by thousands at the 2007 Art Basel Miami Week Victor-Hugo Vaca II solo-exhibit as documented in mainstream media news outlets.

Victor-Hugo’s Crackhead Jesus Christmas Season Premiere Through January, 2008

Controversial artist’s diary of the world on canvas, solo exhibit at The Fifth on South Beach 

NEW YORK/EWORLDWIRE/Dec. 17, 2007 — Multi-media artist Victor-Hugo Vaca Jr.’s groundbreaking interactive iNovel, Crackhead Jesus, premiered on ‘http://www.victorhugogallery.com‘ during Art Basel Miami without protest. The first in a seven-book series based on the controversial artist’s diary of the world on canvas is being shopped around for agents, publishers and movie producers interested in bringing the unique project to theaters and television.

South Beach impresario Gerry Kelly and acclaimed Torontonian and nightclub owner Oliver Geddes have extended Victor-Hugo’s solo exhibit at The Fifth on South Beach due to popular demand through January, 2008. The artist, who does not have an agent or gallery representation, held the largest single art exhibit during Art Basel week, exhibiting over fifty works of art at the exclusive upscale venue.

The artwork on display tells the story of curious real life events that transpired after a high ranking CEO, high on crack cocaine, announced to his employees that he was the New Messiah. Victor-Hugo says he envisions the camera going through the canvas and exiting with live action sequences to tell the tale of each bizarre painting. He hopes the large scale project will employ several entertainment industry notables and introduce the world to new talent.

“Advanced copies of Crackhead Jesus were sent to every major Christian media outlet before the premiere so that people could see that my intention was not to blaspheme or disrespect divinity. I had an affluent tenant who said he couldn’t pay the rent because he was Jesus Christ. I told him I didn’t care who he was, the bank wanted to be paid,” Victor-Hugo claims.

Victor-Hugo is seeking investors to bring the project to life. He says the series is a Harry Potter for adults about a coven of Witches that run a law firm, creating chaos throughout history. The iNovel aims to raise awareness about serious issues including corruption in the United States justice system using humor and satire.

A full-page Miami Herald advertisement announcing:

“Crackhead Jesus is coming! A story of false prophets and lawyers, watch the saga unfold on ‘http://www.victorhugogallery.com‘” was well-received by the affluent, international Art Basel audience.

“I thought the ad would be censored and that people might protest the event, but it appears everyone understands that Crackhead Jesus is a modern day parable of redemption – not an insult to Jesus Christ. I was elated to hear that the show was extended due to popular demand. Once the right people get involved in this project, a lucrative industry will be created that will educate, entertain and employ many people,” Victor-Hugo said.

The copyrighted manuscript was sent to several publishers who advised him to resubmit the book through an agent. Victor-Hugo plans to release the book with his illustrations as a modern art graphic novel.

The work of art is in the private collection of Casey Lezell.

As seen on KBIM News 10 Roswell, New Mexico.

As seen in the award-winning feature-length action drama, “The Last Hit” available on HuluAmazon.


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