Victor Hugo Art

War Is Not Criminalism- Turning War Into A Crime And Crime Into An Art Form: How Barack Hussein Obama Fed Wall Street And Jihad With The Same Silver Spoon.” By Victor-Hugo Vaca II

  • Size: 3 x 5
  • Date: June 14, 2016
  • Medium: Bank of America Statement, Duct Tape Adhesive Graffiti on Collectors Item Bear Stearns stationary from the desk of Senior Managing Director.

As seen through the eyes of a United States Naval Academy trained artist, in his Diary of The World On Canvas, also known as, modern-art-gonzo-journalism, this noir graffiti series emerges from the desk of the Senior Managing Director at Bear Stearns Headquarters in New York City, to remind the world why Wall Street Banks, like Wells Fargo, are spooked at the tsunami of potential accountability facing global trust companies, like Bank Of America, that enslave shell-shocked U.S. tax payers, struggling to pay off multi-billion dollar bank bailouts, authorized by corrupt government leaders, propagating a doomsday-mentality while peddling a bombastic “too-big-to-fail” narrative to uneducated masses, in the face of growing economic disparity used as an excuse for usury, in the Age of Obama.

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